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NSWC Monthly


Crimson Cabaret

Each year we look forward to showcasing everything from aerial performance and folk dance to comedy and bluegrass quartets. Diverse, multicultural, skilled and breathtaking - this event represents the wide spectrum of the Vancouver identity at its’ best. The show brings together acclaimed local artists and performers from each artistic genre for an evening of exhilarating and vibrant artistry. Since its inception in 2007, Crimson Cabaret has three main purposes; to raise much needed funds for the NSWC, create an opportunity to spread awareness about NSWC whilst fostering a space of community solidarity and connection, and finally, to showcase, acknowledge and invigorate interest in the artistic contributions and talents by women in our community.
In celebration of women’s contribution to the arts and honouring the importance of creative expression to our collective being we pride ourselves on bringing together artists, technicians, organizers, curators, promoters and activists all together on one stage for a common cause. These people include everyone volunteering, performing, sponsoring, donating, working and attending this event. We extend our gratitude to artists, sponsors, supporters and volunteers that make this event possible every year.  We look forward to it growing as community event!
As Laiwan; an Interdisciplinary Arts Program professor at Goddard College recently mentioned in a speech at a NSWC lecture series, “we are all creative beings and the immensely challenging times we currently live in – encourage us to wake up, become active and creative, and imagine change.”

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Crimson Cabaret Archives!

Crimson Cabaret Coordinating Committee

Alex Shaw; Alina Gherghinoiu; Amelia Pitt-Brooke; Andrea Demers; Anouchka Nowicki; Cazz Turner (Technical Producer); Jocelyn Rose; Julia Hewko (Stage Manager); Kelly Gordon; Kelly Knott; Leah Marks; Michelle Dodds; Shoko Kitano; Supriya Ryan (Event Coordinator)


Frequently Asked Questions about Crimson Cabaret

1.) Is the show every year?

Yes. Every year we coordinate a new group of talented performers for the show.  Usually, the event falls in late February or early March.

2.) How can I be involved in the show as a sponsor, volunteer, performer or silent auction donor?

We encourage everyone who is interested in being a part of this event to email or call us anytime throughout the year at or 604.984.4697 for more information.  

3.) Are men welcome to the show?

Absolutely! All genders are welcome to celebrate with us as audience members as well as performers.  All genders have performed with us over the years and we recognize that it takes the contributions from all of us to work towards equality.

4.) Where is the show?

The show is at Centennial Theatre in North Vancouver.  If you are travelling my transit, you can take the seabus and any bus that goes straight up Lonsdale Avenue to 23rd street.  There is parking at the entrance of the theatre. Centennial Theatre is at 2300 Lonsdale Ave.

5.) How long is the show?

The show is approximately three hours including an intermission.  This time is jam-packed with entertainment!

If you have any additional questions or suggestions – please don’t hesitate to contact us! Hope to see you soon and thank you for your interest!

Crimson Cabaret; Celebrating Creative Women