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National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women

Every year the North Shore Women’s Centre acknowledges the anniversary of the Montreal Massacre on December 6th, 1989 when 14 female engineering students were singled out and shot in the cafeteria of their school. This day recognizes the ongoing struggles against violence, in all its forms, that affects women of all backgrounds in homes, streets, schools, workplaces, relationships, televisions, computers and throughout social structures and systems.  It is prevalent in all our communities, but together we can challenge these systems dare to end it. 

December 6th, 2009

December 6th, 2009 -- To commemorate the regretful 20th Anniversary of the Montreal Massacre and The National Day of Action & Remembrance of Violence Against Women 2009, we decided to focus our event around the two pillars of ‘action’ and ‘remembrance’.  At the vigil, held at the John Braithwaite Community Centre, we lit twenty candles representing the twenty years since the massacre and we then observed a moment of silence in remembrance of all those lives affected by violence.

For the action component, we put together an artisan postcard collection in hopes that some of these cards will be used to challenge ourselves and others to “Dare to Change” our attitudes about violence against women and women’s equality. We worked with 10 talented and diverse artists from the Lower Mainland to create this series of postcards. 

There are many issues related to violence against women that need immediate change. While there is no way that we could mention all of them here, we wanted to draw your attention to a few current issues as a way to begin to inform ourselves and take action.

Thank you our project partners, the John Braithwaite Community Centre, North Shore Crisis Services Society and the Canadian Federation of University Women – North Vancouver. And we warmly thank each of the ten artists that contributed one of the beautiful and moving postcards that is now part of this 20th year commemorative collection.

In memory of all women who have experienced violence, and in the spirit of social justice and equity, may we all dare to change.

If you would like to purchase a Dare to Change Postcard Collection ($5.00 each set), please contact us!

These are the topics we addressed in the letter enclosed with the postcard.  Mail one to your local MLA!

Restore Funding to Women’s Centres: Take the opportunity to urge the provincial government to restore all of the 100% funding they cut five years ago to the 37 women’s centres across British Columbia. For more information visit or

Sisters in Spirit Campaign: Campaign to improve the human rights and address the violence facing Aboriginal women.

Bountiful, BC: A closed and isolated religious community in BC where women and children are particularly vulnerable to sexual and other exploitation. (View Media Centre, then Press Release section)

Legal Aid Cuts: Further cuts to Legal Aid in BC, jeopardizing women’s safety and access to the justice system.

Long-Gun Registry: Federal Bill C-391 recently repealed the registry that requires accountability in the ownership of long-gun firearms.


Artists: Top to Bottom

December 6th, 2008

December 6th, 2008 -- the North Shore Women’s Centre, with the support of the City of North Vancouver and John Braithwaite Community Centre, commemorated the National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women with the launch of this 2009 photographic calendar, Dare to Change: Together Against Violence.

The calendar was created through a project aimed at raising awareness about violence against women and the need to end it through individual and collective change actions.  The North Shore Women’s Centre put out a call for project participants who identified as having been affected by the impact of violence.  Seven women responded and generously volunteered their time, energy and inspiration.

The project methodology was “photovoice” – a tool, originating from photojournalism uses visual imagery and stories to comment on, draw attention to and advocate for change on a particular issue. We are thankful for the participants, supporters and community partners who made this project possible.

Here are two examples of pictures from our photovoice calendar project.  From left to right, 'Homeward Bound' by Eileen Pinkerton and 'Together We Stand' by Mina Ryan.


To view the entire calendar click here.


December 6th, 2007

On December 6th, 2007, the North Shore Women’s Centre commemorated the National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women with the presentation of our the Dare to Change; Together Against Violence Booklet, in partnership with the John Braithwaite Community Centre, and with the support of the City of North Vancouver. 

We always encourage women to tell their stories, so this year we put out a call for contributions.  The result is this collection of honest, courageous and inspiring pieces that we feel privileged to have entrusted to us. 

As equal members of society, women have the right to safety and security, and the freedom to choose how to live their lives.  Although just a beginning, and one example, we hope that this booklet exhibits solidarity, serves to encourage healing and growth, inspires hope, and acts as a catalyst for all members of our community to make a commitment to work at ending violence against women in all its forms.

To view full booklet click here.


Artisan Postcard Collection