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Family Law Clinic


Female family law lawyers provide private legal information and advice consultation for one hour on family law issues. This program is available to women whose personal annual income is below $38,000 after taxes. 

The clinic is held twice a month and the lawyers will see up to 9 women for one hour each.  The lawyers will consult on family law matters such as separation, divorce, guardianship and parenting, and division of assets.

Please note that the lawyers are not able to represent clinic participants or accompany them to court, nor complete forms, write letters, etc.

In order to book an appointment with the lawyers, please contact us and book an appointment with the program coordinator to go through an intake process.   

When you come for the intake, you will be asked some questions to identify specific legal issues at hand, and handouts will be provided with resources (websites and booklets) for family law, an explanation of the Clinic and its mandate, a list of documents that may be helpful to gather and potentially bring to the appointment, and a space for participants to write down their legal questions.

Lastly, we ask participants to fill out a follow-up/evaluation form. This form allows us to gather information regarding individual experiences in the program and to inquire about the current status of their legal situation and what barriers, if any, that they faced.



The Family Law Clinic Program is made possible thanks to the financial support of: